After only three weeks of CrossFit my pants are falling off!


Fabulous for the bum, not so good for the wallet: must go shopping for a smaller pair of workout pants…


I figured this would be quite effective, because in all seriousness, this is bloody hard and most of the time I’m just doing weakling versions of the correct movements. Yet, somehow, my bum & thighs have gone down a size in just three weeks of three sessions/week! I’m amazed and grinning like an idiot.

And in even better news, I have finally convinced my fiancee to join in! Starting from Monday, he’ll be doing his induction sessions… I can’t wait to see what he thinks and how badly he’ll get hooked…

It will be fabulous to share this addiction and excitement with someone!


Three reps (12-9-6), for time of

  • clean + jerks, 14kg dumbbells
  • wriggle on hoops*

Time: 11:13

(* the exercise in question should have been a muscle up, but there is no way in hell my pathetic wriggles had anything to do with the proper version of the exercise…)

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  1. Hey Tanja i have been doing it seriously if you call it that for the whole month of july but before that i was doing it 3 times per week and boxing twice a week having shoulder issues so have dropped the boxing for a while at least with crossfit you can scale a workout for injuries


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