Second CrossFit session


Once again a fantastic CrossFit session – also, looks like I may have found myself a new protein supplement!


I’ve been looking for a protein supplement so that I can have a quick breakfast of a protein smoothie on the go. Obviously this is NOT to replace a proper breakfast, only to provide me with quick -pre-workout nutrition.

I prefer working out early in the morning before work. 5am wake-up unfortunately doesn’t allow me to be quite sane and awake enough to cook a proper breakfast, so I’ve realised that I need to give in a bit and allow myself a protein smoothie replacement on those very early mornings.

I have been concerned about long term consumption of egg white protein powder (look up Biotin deficiency if you don’t know what I’m talking about) so I’ve wanted to find a lesser evil to replace it with.

My workmate recently opened up his own supplement website and when I was asking for natural gluten free products, he found me 180 Nutrition.

I tried it for the first time this morning and so far I love it! Not only did it taste yummy, it also kept me sated all through the workout and didn’t upset my sensitive tummy (miracle!).

Now it must be said, that this protein supplement┬áis not 100% paleo-friendly.┬áNot only is the whey protein derived from dairy, it’s obviously the result of quite some processing. Also, while this product doesn’t contain gluten, it does contain grains (psyllium husk).

Tanja does overhead squats & double-unders

For time, 3 reps of:

  • 10 x overhead squat 10kg
  • 50 x double-under
Time: 5:45 mins

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