Survived my first real CrossFit workout!


Not only did I survive the workout – it felt pretty damn good! Now my legs won’t stop shaking so I might just sit down for a while…


The warmup contained pull-ups and push-ups, which were pretty pathetic – the day I can do a proper unassisted pull-up, I will pop open a bottle of bubbles, right there and then. I kid you not!

Front squats themselves felt good, as did the core workout and stretching afterwards.

Now treating myself to some Thai beef and spicy pork and veggies stirfry!

Tanja does front squats

Front squats, 1 rep of:

  • 1 x 35kg
  • 10 x 20kg
  • 1 x 35kg
  • 20 x 20kg
  • 1 x 35kg
  • 30 x 20kg

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