Tanja does Jackie


Jackie is evil! Those thrusters were just ridiculously hard, even though I was doing them with just 15kg instead of the rd 20kg!


I’ve noticed that after every CrossFit session, I’m experiencing a combined sense of achievement and relief; achievement for being able to perform the WOD and relief that it didn’t kill me.

I am amazed at how addictive this is. Every day after a morning session, I find myself giddy as a school girl, acting as if I was high as a kite on uppers. Slightly disconcerting, but at the same time utterly wonderful. The entire day, I feel like I’ve accomplished something great and every new muscle ache or tightness is like an additional nudge of reward. A confirmation of work done on my body.

Can’t wait for the next session!

Tanja does Jackie

  • 1000 meter row
  • 15 kg Thruster, 50 reps
  • 30 pull-ups (jumping)

Time: 12:50

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