Fight Gone Real Bad


I knew the name of this session was a bad omen…


This one was tough. Real tough.

I’m expecting to join my wonderful man in is world of pain tomorrow, as the repercussions of this morning fully sinks in. On a more positive note – I survived it and I think I did alright at it too.

Once again, I am feeling fantastic after the workout and can’t wait for the man to join the proper WOD sessions with me next week. It will be awesome.

Speaking of which, he met Helen today. I think they got to a slightly better start than Helen & I did, but he still thinks that she’s one mean bitch…

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds, for score of

  • Wall-ball, 4 kg ball¬†¬†(Reps),
  • Sumo deadlift high-pull 12 kg (Reps),
  • Box Jump, 16″ box (Reps),
  • Push-press 10 kg (Reps),
  • Row (Calories)
  • 1 min rest

Score: 256 (81|87|88)

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