Lesson learned


If there’s something I learned during my recent trip to Shanghai, it’s that the fleeting joy of eating everything is not worth it.


I went to Shanghai for a ten day holiday and decided to take a break from my paleo life as well. What harm could a mere 10 days do? Oh, if only I had known!

I ate it all: tons of rice based products in all possible forms, candy galore, litres of sweet juices and cocktails loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, bread, dairy – the lot. Amount-wise I’d say I ate considerably less than what I do at home due to the heat and being on the move all the time.

I wish I had known better.

Practically all my pre-paleo symptoms returned with vengeance within the first week. I was so bloated my normal clothes felt unbearably uncomfortable and every time I finished eating a meal I’d just feel terrible. I was lethargic and had to take daily naps which failed to improve my energy levels. By day three my skin began acting up and by day 6 I was sick as a dog.

From now on, I’ll stick to real food even while travelling!

The good news is that only 48 hrs of real food is making wonders and I’m beginning to recover already. Now if only I was brave enough to return to CrossFit…

Price for eating crap for 10 days:

  • Immediate severe indigestion, bloating, cramps and discomfort
  • Constant lethargy within a few days
  • Skin began acting up around day 3-4 and built up to a full blown breakout
  • Caught a terrible flu with fever on day 6
  • Migraines returned on day 7

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