Getting back on the horse…


Oh gawd – I thought that this was going to be a pukie for sure!


Two weeks off CrossFit and recovering from flu does not make it any easier to get back on track with CrossFit. The warmup alone killed me – I was huffing and puffing like crazy by the time I was done.

WOD itself felt ridiculously hard. The little strength I had gained so far was all gone and the 20kg bar felt too heavy. I had to opt for the 15kg bar instead. Not good.

Also, I don’t think the black and blue knee (bloody split lunges!) will be such a good office look with my pencil skirt tomorrow…

*** UPDATE Р Fact: Jumping lunges and ladylike office appearance do not mix.

…but, bruises are sexy, right?

WOD (push press & jumping lunges)

8 rounds for score of:

  • 20 sec push press (15kg)
  • 10 sec rest
  • 20 sec jumping lunges
  • 10 sec rest

Score: 148

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