Today’s WOD was made of awesome!


Woohooo – first Rx’d WOD ever! [Insert here a happy dance]


I am beyond stoked! Never before have I been able to pull of an Rx’d workout – and I’m not expecting to do so again in the near future either – but for a brief moment, I feel fabulous!

The wall ball and kettle bell felt pretty darn heavy and the box was ridiculously high, but I wanted to try to push myself to completing the WOD with Rx values for once. I know I sacrificed a lot of potential reps in the process, but scoring higher couldn’t have made me feel better than the pretty yellow Rx’d icon next to my logged workout.

Today I feel fabulous – also, high as a kite on post-WOD endorphins!


WOD [Rx’d]

5 rounds, for a running score of:

  • 1 min wall balls (14lb), max reps
  • 1 min box jumps (50cm), max reps
  • 1 min sumo deadlift high pulls (20kg), max reps
  • 1 min rest

Score: 217

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