Whole30 – Day8



Whole30 21 November – 19 December 2011

I did a Whole30 pretty much exactly a year ago, so I thought I knew what to expect… however, I am once again amazed at how quickly the results show!


Considering I have already been 80-90% paleo for 12 months (apart from a couple of holidays), I wasn’t expecting radical changes. Instead I was hoping to optimise the results of eating paleo once again and get rid of the annoying symptoms that once again returned after my Thailand holiday (which admittedly included consuming my own weight in Piña Coladas and other sugary cocktails on daily basis).

In particular, this Whole30 was brought on by a weekend with an endless To Do List, of which nothing got done due to rubbish energy levels. Instead, I took 3hr naps, didn’t sleep at night, and spent the rest of my time procrastinating.

On Monday, waking up and realising all the time wasted, was all the convincing I needed for my Whole30 resolution. Well, Whole28, as I plan to only last until my birthday on the 19th.


What symptoms have been bothering me recently?

  • absolutely plummeted energy levels
  • poor quality sleep (trouble falling asleep and keep waking up)
  • constant sweet cravings and feeling peckish
  • returned frequent headaches
  • hormonal bloating and water retention


Results so far:

What I wasn’t expecting was dramatic results so quickly! Last weekend (days 5-7) I was super energised, slept great and got through the entire To Do List from the previous weekend in a day and a whole lot more done on Sunday! Bloating and discomfort has reduced dramatically, headaches disappeared, and my sweet cravings are all but gone!

Apart from half a day sugar crash (tired, frustrated, hungry and super irritable) on Day 4, the whole trip this far has been wonderful and I’ve utterly enjoyed it.

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