Shallow Fried Snapper Recipe

When the man comes home with fresh fish, this is my favourite way of cooking it! If you’re not big on fishing yourself, a quick trip to the fish market will set you up for a delicious meal of shallow fried fish with a stack of good oils!


  • 1 whole pan-sized snapper (or bream, or any fish for that matter)
  • 1/3 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • animal fat or coconut oil
  • salt & pepper to taste



Wash the fish and pat dry. Cut in half.

Combine coconut and almond flour with seasoning in a plastic bag. Add fish and shake to coat in flour entirely.

Heat pan with enough fat/oil to cover the entire pan to a depth of 3-4mm. The fat/oil needs to be very hot to seal the fish properly.

Shallow fry fish until crispy and golden on both sides.


Serve for example on a bed of cauliflower rice topped with red curry sauce. Garnish with mint & coriander.



This same cooking method works a treat with kingfish as well.

Coat the pieces of fish in coconut and almond flour mix.



Shallow fry pieces in about 4mm of very hot fat/oil.



Turn pieces around when golden brown and nearly cooked through.



Cook until both sides are golden and crispy.



Drain excess oil off by moving the pieces on a few layers of paper towels before plating up.



Serve with a fried egg sunny side up on top and a salad.



  1. hi can you give your recipe for the red coconut curry sauce which is on the snapper and also the recipe for the cauliflower rice too please….thanks

    • Hi Julie,

      The red curry sauce was literally just a small tin of red curry paste (we used MAESRI Red Curry Paste 114gr) cooked on a pan with coconut cream.

      Cauliflower rice is even easier: just process cauliflower into a rice-like consistency (we use the chopper attachment in one of these:, works a treat!) then blanche in boiling water for 5mins or so and drain.

      Both super quick & easy!

  2. Canola oil is a big no no in Paleo – what other oils would work? Coconut is kinda pricey.

    • You’re right, the paleo community’s view on canola oil has changed dramatically since I was first introduced to it. Canola oil is no longer considered a healthy option. I have amended the recipe accordingly.

      I would recommend using animal fats or coconut oil for cooking this. Coconut oil is definitely a bit of a pricey option, but then again, you can collect the oil after use, strain and store it for the next cooking session.

      • Butter (or ghee) is by far the best thing to cook any type of fish in. Not only does it give it an awesome taste, it helps keep the fish moist.

        • I agree entirely Kellie – fish fried in butter tastes amazing!

          Unfortunately this is not an option in our kitchen, as I’m terribly lactose intolerant and can’t handle any cow’s milk products, even in the smallest of quantities. We’ve been trying to get our hands on buffalo butter, but haven’t managed to as of yet.

          If anyone knows where to score organic buffalo butter in Sydney, hook me up!

  3. Try Grape Seed Oil or Rice Bran Oil. I’ve used both for years and they are well priced and, Rice Bran Oil particularly, has a high smoke point.

    • I would DEFINITELY not recommend using these oils! They are vegetable oils and definitely not paleo friendly!


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