A Beginner’s Guide to Blogger

Blogger is an online content management system created by Google. It is an American online content management service that facilitates multi-user blogs. It allows time-stamped entries and is available through the subdomain of blogspot.com. The blog can be easily accessed through a web browser. A newer version of blogger has an option for multi-user blogging, and it offers more functionality than the original. However, the basic functionality of the system is not the most attractive feature.


The blog is made with a blank slate and is a simple tool to use. Blogger lets you create a blog using different themes and provides an option to sell products. It offers many widgets and themes for you to choose from. It even includes a word processor, so you can create your own customized blog design. As a bonus, you can also create a domain name through the free blog service provider, BlogSpot. In short, blogging has never been easier or more convenient.

Besides allowing multi-user blogs, Blogger also has numerous features to enhance its user experience. Aside from offering an HTML template editor, the blog platform has an HTML template editor. This HTML editor provides syntax highlights and enables you to customize your template to add widgets. It also has a jump-to-widget feature. You can add multiple categories, create customized themes, and use various templates. Lastly, blogger has a Google+ integration, which is a great feature.

You can customize your blog page in a number of ways. You can add and edit pages and post posts, choose a theme, play around with fonts and images, and customize your content. You can even set up a background, a header and a footer. All of these features make it easy to maintain a successful blog. It also allows you to control access to your blog. All of these features will make it easier for you to manage your blog.

There are several free blogging platforms, but most people prefer Blogger for its free service. The service offers a large range of features that help you make money online. Most bloggers use this platform to create a blog. It has a user forum and supports a few customizing options. A WordPress-like platform offers many customization options. You can also use SSL certificate to protect your site from cyber-attacks. The most popular blog platform is WordPress.

A blog site is a place to publish articles. Blogger allows users to save photos, links, and other information. Unlike WordPress, it does not require server management. It is a self-hosted solution. Its pages are easily customizable and can be shared with other sites. It is very convenient to use. You can easily create a blog with your friends. If you are a blogger, you can connect it with your Facebook account and share posts.