Careers In The Tech Industry

What does Tech mean? If you have been paying attention to the words that are used on the World Wide Web, you have probably noticed the repeated references to a new “trend” or “argon” term. Here is a quick guide to defining what exactly is meant by the various terms regularly surfacing on the web.


Techno – A tech company is one that designs, builds and deploys IT technology. The true tech companies, however, are usually larger corporations with research teams and engineering staff that specialize in various fields of IT. A tech company refers to anything and everything that falls under this umbrella. It can also refer to anything that is considered to be futuristic in nature. The term was actually co-opted by hip hop artists and later became popular with computer programmers and internet marketers.

Startup – A startup is a term used to describe a new venture. A startup is often confused with an “off the shelf” computer application or program. Some examples of startup are online casinos, online stock trading companies, internet stores and so forth. As the term implies, a tech company startup is just that: a new start-up company exploring innovative information technology options.

Detailed – The term detailed simply means that the product or service is in its developmental stages. In contrast, a tech company is well into its product development stages. A detailed tech startup is usually a startup that is seeking to make an profit within the first three years of operation. A detailed startup will also have a management team in place that will be accountable for the development and launching of new products and services.

Hiring Manager – This is a general term that describes a person in a tech industry that specifically handles the hiring, managing, training and firing of employees. If you are interested in applying for a tech industry job, one of your first tasks should be to search for a hiring manager. A hiring manager will generally work within a larger organization as opposed to a freelance position. A hiring manager can make the hiring and firing decisions. The hiring manager may oversee and train employees on new technologies or assist with business development. In addition, the hiring manager can fill a position within the company in which the position would typically be filled by a freelancer.

Technology Transfer – Also known as technology transfer, this refers to the transferring of technology between existing corporations and between different types of technology industries. In today’s job market, having the skills to transfer technology between positions is essential to surviving in the tech industry. It is important to understand that technology transfer is not just for the corporate level; it can also translate to positions at the individual level. For instance, a medical billing specialist might acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become an information systems technician and then open a position in a hospital.