Earn Money From Blogging? Try Blogger!


Earn Money From Blogging? Try Blogger!

Blogger is an American free-online content management system that allows multiple user blogs with timed-entry posts to be hosted and managed by the owner alone. Pyra Labs originally developed it while being owned by Google. It is now hosted by Google, which has released the blogs into the public domain. This article will discuss the reasons why you should use Blogger as your blogging platform.

The main reason why you should use blogger for your blogging needs is that blogger is user-friendly and doesn’t require any sort of installation. You simply install the application onto your computer and start blogging. If you want to change the theme color scheme of your blog, or add some graphics, all you have to do is click on “select styles” and select the ones that you want to add. Blogger also allows you to create multiple blogs on one account. In other words, if you create multiple blogs with different themes under the same account, you can each have your own URL and thus enjoy separate and distinct blog experience.

Although the basic blog design of blogger is very attractive and pleasing to the eye, there are more advanced features available on blogger. Among these features are the support for WordPress and Joomla. These two popular CMS are much more advanced than the default blogger design, and thus it is recommended to use these two specific platforms when designing a blog.

Another reason why you should consider using blogger is because it allows you to create unlimited blogs. There is no limit to how many blogs you can create on blogger, and you can even customize the look and theme of each of them. To start blogging, you just login to the dashboard, choose a topic and write an entry. In the dashboard, you can find a button with the word “blogging” in it. Now that you have started blogging, you can view and edit your previous posts from the dashboard.

One of the most common reasons why bloggers are attracted to blogger is because it offers free blogging tools. If you want to use the various blogging tools offered by blogger, you do not have to pay any fee. You can also earn money through advertisements on your blogs. You can select any of the advertising options available, and depending upon the traffic generated through your blogs, advertisers will place their ads on your pages. This will help you to earn money even while you are away from your home.

If you want to display advertisements on your blog, you can simply add the code provided by blogger templates to the html codes of your blog posts. Once this is done, you can then set a number of advertisement options, such as placement type, budget, and currency. After you have made the necessary changes to your blog, you can then select an advertisement option, and this will appear at the top of your blogger posts. You can use this option for setting up an advertiser link, or you can choose a particular advertisement option based on its performance. After that, you can set the image of the advertisement, as well as its purpose, and location.