Good Intentions Versus Bad Intention

Technology is defined as the collection of human knowledge applied to specific tasks or in the achievement of particular objectives, including scientific research. Technological change has occurred throughout history; for example, the development of complex machines such as steam engines and railroad engines. Technological change also occurs with the improvement of existing techniques, practices, and procedures or with the creation of new information systems. Some types of technological change include information systems, information management, and computer technology.


The process of applying new technologies to existing systems is known as creating new tech. There are many ways in which new technologies can be created. Some of these ways include the application of new technologies to organizations and industries, to products and services, to education and training, or to new technologies.

There are many tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Sun that have created new technologies. These companies invest heavily in R&D and marketing to make new tech products available to customers. These new tech companies like to define their own mission and vision, set their own goals, and determine how to make it happen. In addition, they invest heavily in research to develop new technologies, test them in real world scenarios, and create business models to help them achieve their mission.

Other tech creators are attempting to solve a problem by applying technology to solve an issue. For example, scientists are creating ways to create healthy food. When they create tech products that help improve the health of consumers, they are exercising good intentions. This is a smart idea because people want healthy food but they do not know how to acquire it.

The business model behind such tech companies is often very unique. Usually, these businesses will create tech products that people can use in one way only. They will then work their way into markets where there may be multiple ways to utilize the technology. For example, medical professionals can use tech devices to create a digital record of a person’s medical history. There may be times when medical professionals need to access this record remotely. Such businesses would then create a business model around using technology to create software applications that can be downloaded from the Internet, which makes it possible for anyone to have access to this valuable information.

Good intentions are not enough to create technology. Tech creators need to be careful about the impact their innovations will have on the society. Some tech products will be welcomed and embraced by the population. However, others will create social problems and change the way people interact with each other. As the tech industry continues to develop, the ways in which it will impact society will be determined by both good intentions and bad ones.