How to Get a Tech Job

Tech is increasingly playing an important role in society. The number of tech jobs is on the rise and the industry is growing. The rapid expansion of technology has led to many new job opportunities, especially in the IT, computer programming, electrical and computer engineering, and information technology fields. A variety of job titles are available in industries that are currently employing techies. These include computer systems analysts, network engineers, computer software engineers, network security specialists, software testers, computer information systems developers, and multimedia artists.


As a technologist, you are usually hired for a specific position in a company. But you may find yourself with a position where you are not really sure what kind of position you will have. You might find yourself a permanent employee or a temporary hire. A temporary hire can be hired as a technical writer, a customer service representative, a customer service operator, a quality assurance tester, or an information systems manager. Or you may find yourself in an open position, one in which you are hired for a specified period of time and given broad responsibility over various aspects of the technology industry. An open position is more flexible and a great tech job opening for an experienced person, since it is less permanent and more flexible.

For an experienced tech industry professional, the best way to secure an open position is through freelance projects. Hiring managers look for individuals who can demonstrate the ability to perform a wide range of technical duties. For freelance projects, you should have a portfolio of your completed projects and a list of technical accomplishments that you can share with prospective hiring managers. Your talent for building custom software is an added bonus.

According to a report by the BLS, “tech” workers earn about $19 an hour. According to the national average salary for trained techs, the median salary for those in similar positions is about $19 an hour. Clearly, working as a professional tech is a good-paying position.

If you are interested in starting your own tech company, you should take a close look at the opportunities offered by internet technology companies. The tech industry is ready to hire qualified professionals who have the necessary experience and technical expertise. Internet technology companies typically do not advertise their openings. However, if you put in a good amount of effort, finding a tech position should be easy.

As an information security professional, you can work on a part-time basis, on a full-time or contract basis. You can also work as an information security specialist for a large corporation, a small business, or a government agency. You will want to be very organized and detail-oriented, since you will be responsible for implementing security measures in a large, complex company or office. You will be expected to implement policies and procedures that will keep the company’s or agency’s computers and networks safe from hackers and malware. As you gain more experience in the field and get more detailed and specialized training, you will find it much easier to find a well-paying and rewarding tech job.