Startup Options for Tech Companies

What is tech? According to Merriam Webster it is “the application of science and technology for practical purposes.” Tech is an ever evolving field with new advances appearing every few years. In order for a product or technology to be considered “tech”, it has to advance both human knowledge and society as a whole. Technology is the collective sum of any technological methods, skills, processes, or techniques utilized in the achievement of specific goals, including scientific research, military endeavors, computer technology, and any other area which use advanced techniques to create new products or services.


So, what do I mean by hiring manager? The hiring manager of a technical company is responsible for finding qualified technicians who are also interested in working in a particular field. The hiring manager has to balance the desired skill set of the technician with skills that are not always considered “core” tech skills, for example, writing or computer programming. Hiring a broad range of skill sets will ensure that the technicians have a general knowledge of most aspects of technology and can be interchangeable within the company in different roles.

Now, how can technology improve upon the hiring manager’s job? By definition, the hiring manager must always remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances. Technology is constantly advancing and the only way to keep an eye on the future is to hire a broad spectrum of technical support specialists from a variety of technical disciplines. For instance, an electrical technician may become an electronics repair technician, an IT network technician, a computer software engineer, or even a mechanical engineer (one who specializes in making mechanical machines). All of these positions require different skills and all require the ability to learn new technological advancements as they arise.

This kind of cross-reflexivity increases the level of skill and knowledge, a technician has relative to their position. Therefore, if a technician does not learn enough about a new technological advancement, the corresponding skill may not be learned quickly enough in order to be able to effectively execute an assignment related to the new technology. This is why it is important to have open positions in the tech industry for qualified individuals to gain experience in different disciplines and to build a portfolio of skills related to the job.

Lastly, a tech company must take advantage of technological innovations such as Uber and other peer ride-sharing services. The advent of smartphone apps has created a massive demand for tech support specialists. Auber is one example of a smartphone app that can be used by taxi drivers to hail people in need of transportation. As such, tech companies should be on the look out for talented individuals who have a wide understanding of smartphone apps and the functionality of each specific system. Tech support specialists can become an integral part of the taxi company if they have the right skill set, especially since technology companies are always looking for new ways to expand their customer base.

Finally, there are startups that pose a significant risk but offer a great opportunity to enter the tech industry. These startups usually aim to develop a completely new product or service from the very beginning. In doing so, they face two major disadvantages: they lack a track record of success, and they lack expertise in crucial niches. Typically, these startups will need to hire several hundreds of trained professionals in order to launch a profitable venture. However, by acquiring an existing tech company or acquiring the services of another successful company, it is possible to significantly increase the chances of success and reduce the risks involved. Technological innovation offers tremendous opportunities for startups, but they must understand that they face significant risks before they can realize long-term benefits.