Top 3 Pay-to-Play Computer Games

A video game is anything that folks often do for pure fun. In other words, it’s a pastime even if it’s not working for the main reason behind doing it. Numerous sports are games, and in most instances, there’s plenty of cash to be earned as it’s also a kind of amusement. Here are 5 popular types of games:


The first is a complex and highly strategic board game. Players need to build civilizations, protect villages and travel through hostile territories in order to harvest crops, build mills and mine for precious ores and metals. Players will travel across various landscapes while collecting gold, experience points and expanding their empires. It is also common for gamers to try to keep their cities from being wiped out by marauding armies.

Another popular type of board game is Chris Crawford’s ” Civilization Revolution”. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing complex turn-based strategy games with a lot of strategy involved. The premise behind the board game is that players will build civilizations and engage in trade with other players through the use of technologies available on the computer program. If you’ve ever played Civilization Revolution, then you’ll understand why this particular game requires some of your time. It’s actually pretty fun and addictive.

Adults might enjoy this one! Young children absolutely will! This is a very clever use of technology in a board game. Young children, as well as adults, will enjoy playing this video game that involves them swinging a hot knife round the keyboard and clicking on the mouse to launch various actions such as slicing the zombie in half, throwing the pizza boy over the bar, shooting the bad guy in the head, and so on. While it might sound silly and/or bad, young children really will enjoy playing the hold the mouse button to start the game, release to pause, and hold the mouse button to fire the weapons that they are using against their zombie army of enemies.

Chris Crawford’s new eBook, “Z Zombie Bowl-O-Rama”, is another excellent board game that he has designed. Like the title says, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama is a video game (that players must play using a video game controller) that involves playing as Zombie survivors. You must shoot zombies with a crossbow (either manually or using the mouse) and throw your zombies into a hole. Of course, if you’re the only survivor, you have to get back to the town before the timer runs out. This is played on an LCD screen and players can adjust the level of difficulty from beginner to expert.

These three examples above are just a few of the hundreds of games available to players at full price. There are literally hundreds of different types of free online games available to play. Pay-to-play games are simply those games you have to pay for in order to access them. Chris Crawford’s team has worked hard to provide new content for virtually all versions of the popular games. He has done this by releasing these games as e-books, through video game stores, and through various websites.