Why Choose Blogger?

If you’re considering making your own money online, Blogger could be an excellent option. Blogger is an American web content management system that allows multiple-user blogs to have time-stamp entries with hyperlinks. Pyra Labs developed it prior to being purchased by Google in 2003. Google hosts the content, which is then available through a separate subdomain of blogspot.

One of the greatest attractions for bloggers using Blogger is that Blogger has an inexpensive blogging platform. Bloggers are charged only for the actual text they use, and there is an option to host their blogs on their own servers if they wish. They are also able to sell advertising space to advertisers. Some bloggers even make money solely by selling advertising on their blogs.

Not all bloggers use Blogger. There are other blogging options available such as WordPress, which is free and very popular among bloggers. Blogger also provides the means for other bloggers to locate and reconnect with others with whom they may have lost contact because they moved from one location to another. Blogs on other platforms may be archived indefinitely, but Blogger allows for temporary storage or archive until they are ready to be relased. This helps all the bloggers out there who find themselves suddenly swamped with writing and want a place to put it aside.

With Blogger, you can create your own account with which to blog. There are a number of different options that allow you to customize your interface to include all the features you’d like. Blogger offers templates for blogs, as well as tools to help you add content to your blogs. You can even schedule automatic posting of content by the Blogger program, which will post your blogs for you each day at a certain time. Many bloggers find this feature especially helpful.

The greatest advantage to blogging with Blogger is the ease with which you can update and add information to your blogs. If you do not have an account at Blogger yet, you may want to consider creating one now. The interface for creating a blog is easy to use and when you are ready to write your first blog post, it will be simple to create it with the software. You will also find that many other bloggers prefer to use Blogger as their blogging platform of choice.

If you are looking for a new way to publish your blogs or create a new web site for your business, you may want to consider using Blogger. This is because there is a blogging platform that is easy to use, doesn’t take up much space on your server, and you can update your blog posts online to share with the world. Once you start using Blogger, you will quickly discover why so many people use Blogger. It is user friendly, quick to get set up, and you can have many blogs up and running in a matter of minutes. No wonder so many bloggers are switching to Blogger.