Why The News Is Not What It Used To Be

Most folks hear about world news, not all of it, but almost all of it is considered to be part of the news genre. Most folks think of local news as being more significant than international or national news. But even with all the examples of what is in the news today, there is still a lot of news that is out there that most folks don’t pay much attention to. Here are a few examples. They may even surprise some people.


A few decades ago, when there was an oil spill off the coast of Alaska, a lot of the news outlets in the country where it happened were focused on the tragedy and all the fishing and tourism that could suffer as a result. Well, those days are over. Now we have newscasts about oil spills that are in some places every day. There are even whole channels dedicated to doing nothing but looking at oil spills. The fact that these news organizations are willing to pay for such content indicates that they are very important stories. Not just interesting stories.

Another example is the Arab Spring, the Arab Summer, and the uprisings in Egypt and other countries. Most Americans have heard about those events, but very few have given any thought to what happened in the Middle East during those events. We may not like watching the conflicts and civil unrest that arise from those events, but they are a reality. And apparently the rest of the world is as well.

The world economy is not in the best shape today. In fact there are several examples of how that is true. Greece is in trouble right now. Japan is flat out losing money. Spain has a debt problem. All of these things need to be considered in today’s news, along with the rising costs of almost everything in the world, even food and gas.

Iran is in the news today for a couple of different reasons. One is because of the nuclear weapon program. Iran is trying to put a nuclear bomb on top of its ballistic missile arsenal. This is a very serious issue and something that the United States needs to address very quickly. And the fact that the media is not talking about it is an example of how serious this problem really is.

Of course, all of this is not news, and some people would disagree. After all, many people will point out the bad news while ignoring the good. But I would argue that most of today’s news is good news. And that can only be good news. Please consider all this.