Advantages of Microsoft Wordwide Search

Wordwide (also spelled as worldview) is a Microsoft-approved browser application that allows the Internet user to view, search, and control documents across multiple locations. Wordwide is comparable to MSN’s ePages platform; however, it serves a far wider range of purposes. It is an indispensable tool in the fight against spam.


Wordwide is a part of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, which is widely used throughout the world. According to Microsoft, more than three billion people use the Internet and more than half of those surf the Internet through MSN. With these figures in mind, it is no wonder that Wordwide has been given a free gift by the search giant, in the form of a browser add-on called Microsoft Wordspy. These free downloads enhance the capabilities of Word widen and makes it easy for users to find and download files from the web.

The majority of search engines today have implemented Wordwide, and most of these search engines allow users to directly open the Word browser. Wordspy is one of the applications that makes this possible. This browser add-on enables users to search all the Word wide applications stored on Microsoft’s server using the familiar Windows search engines. This is an innovative feature that provides instant access to the millions of files that are spread across Microsoft’s many sites.

Wordspy is basically a search engine that is integrated with Microsoft Word. This is very beneficial for users because instead of browsing through the Microsoft site to search for the specific word or file, they can simply begin searching from the search engine of their choice. After loading up Word, it is then possible to view all the available files on the Microsoft site. In case you are wondering what is included in the database, here is a rundown. Word includes such diverse applications as the WordTracker application, Wordulia, Microsoft Office, Word Processing, PowerPoint, Microsoft Works, Presentation, and much more.

Another great advantage of Wordwide is that it is free to download. Most of the applications listed above run on the standard Microsoft Windows platform, and users do not need to install any additional software to enjoy them. There are, however, some third party tools that require the installation of specific authorization software before use. These tools, such as the Free Microsoft Office Tools also offer some of the features that Microsoft has removed from Word. Although there are a number of software applications that require the installation of Microsoft licenses, these are generally considered to be part of the standard set of Microsoft services that are offered.

Although there are a few minor inconveniences to using Wordwide, these really do not take away the benefits that this search engine has to offer. Users can choose from the various search engines that they want to access the data from. Once they have made up their selection, they can either open the Word browser or view the Microsoft Word viewer that is integrated into Word. The advantage of this over other means of searching is that users do not need to install Word onto their computer for this to work. Instead, all they need is an Internet connection and Wordware that are already installed.