What is a Blogger?


What is a Blogger?

Bloggers are individuals who use the World Wide Web as their central information source. In other words, a blogger writes about whatever she feels like writing about. A political blogger would give weekly commentary on politics in the news. A personal blogger maintains a personal blog that can include photos, journal-like articles, and links to personal websites. Such a blog would essentially be a reflection of how the blogger herself spends her days.

Most blogging about personal issues or events happens in blogs. However, other types of blogs are emerging with the explosion of blogging software such as WordPress. Blogging also has a much larger audience than most bloggers realize. One blogger reported that she gets about two hundred thousand unique visitors to her blogs each day.

Bloggers share information with each other on blogs. New bloggers are joining every day, but some older bloggers have been around for quite awhile. There are many forums for bloggers and they can get help from other bloggers when they need it. These forums are very helpful to novice bloggers and experienced bloggers looking to help newbies or answer questions of veterans.

One of the main differences between a professional blogger and a personal blogger is the content. A professional blogger will write very well and provide interesting information to readers. Some of the content may be helpful to others. However, the blogger’s main purpose is to attract business. Therefore, the content writing is geared towards attracting business owners to visit the blogger’s website.

Personal blogs are usually kept private and only one person reads the blog. However, there are some cases where the blogger wishes to share her thoughts with the public. These types of personal blogs are called “social” blogging. Examples of these types of blogs are ones written about current events, celebrities, political pundits, or anything that the blogger feels strongly about.

Both personal and professional bloggers will share information with their readers. However, the key differentiators are content marketing and link building. Professional bloggers will utilize content marketing techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) links, articles, press releases, blog posts, guest posts, forums, guest posts, etc to attract business. Social media networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, YouTube, and Flickr also provide some of the opportunities for content marketing. The blogger will also do things to boost her ranking in these search engines, such as writing articles, posting links to articles she has written, creating a profile, joining discussion groups, and providing updates.