Product Design and Its Approach


Product Design and Its Approach

A graphic design is a drawing or specification of the structure or form of some object or system and/or for the practical application of an idea, design or concept, or the outcome of this design or concept in the form of a model, prototype or finished product. The word ‘design’ itself can mean composition, sculpture, painting, architecture, motion, form, design, or one of various other related things. It is used to refer to the arrangement of matter on the visible scale, on the whole visible scene or on a miniature scale. To design something implies creating, assembling or arranging things in suitable ways so as to provide some sort of output. Thus, the term design is used in many contexts but not confined to them.

The discipline of design involves the analysis, synthesis and the practice of visual communication and design, visual information systems, and interaction. A number of design approaches are involved. The design process models, a few of the more common design approaches, are the logical approach, the representational model, the graphical approach, the creative approach and the organizational design. Some of these approaches have evolved over time in parallel with developments in communication technology.

Haikou, the haiku design process and the concept of manufacturing change. Haikou is a Hawaiian word meaning “to speak” or “to make talk.” Haikou designers use a number of visual methods in the process of conceptualizing and planning a new haiku product development process. Haikou is also used to refer to the actual production design process. Most of the haiku products in the world have their origins in the haiku design process. Haikou was introduced in the United States by a team of researchers led by Dr. Harry W. Lewis, who had been invited to Hawaii to attend an international conference on Industrial Design.

The Lewis’ research group designed and developed the first detail design models for electronic products such as watches. The first watch was called the “Wristwatch of the Air Force”. From this foundation, the modern design process model became the standard for most American manufacturers. The wristwatch we know today is probably the most complex product designed and built by designers and engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The graphic design activity involves creating a model from solid concepts and presenting it to a group for comments and suggestions. The graphic design activity has the goal of producing a functional graphic design from raw data and to then suggest modifications and improvements. The groups often meet once or twice a week, but meetings may occur as frequently as once a day if needed.

Different aspects of visual communication and design are involved in functional product design. The major components of functional graphic design include layout, illustration, drawing, and printmaking. Functional activities are usually performed on computer and produced via design process model tools. There are also some machine-aided techniques used in some functional activities. There is an industrial design approach in almost every discipline of the product design.