How Can Wordwide Help Your Business?

Wordwide, which is a free program provided by Microsoft, enables you to access millions of lists that are used by other users all over the world. This helps your business in several ways. It allows you to reach people from different countries and cultures which may be difficult to reach through other marketing channels. It also gives your sales team with the tools they need to easily close deals with new customers. Wordwide can integrate with other Microsoft Office programs to help you get better results and increase profits.


Wordwide makes it easy for you to reach your sales staff and customers who are on the go. This way, you do not necessarily have to make special calls or visit the sales floor physically. You can reach these customers wherever they are through the Internet. This is especially helpful for those businesses that may be sending their products and services to international markets.

Wordwide can help your sales representatives make more sales. Since this is a widely used piece of software, your sales representatives will be familiar with how the tool works and will not be turned off at having to make cold calls. Wordwide is also a good training and development tool for your sales staff. They will be able to learn how to use the various functions and will be able to give customers the information they desire quickly and easily.

Another way Wordwide can benefit your sales department is through its integration with MSN. Wordwide provides the means for your sales representatives to add the MSN toolbar to the Word documents they are using. The toolbar will allow your customers to be able to research the latest news and information about any given subject easily. You can also provide them with facts and statistics from MSN which can prove to be quite useful. Most people use Word regularly and having the ability to reach everyone through this means of word processing is advantageous. In this way, you can reach new customers as well as keep your existing customers up to date with the latest news and information about the products and services you are selling.

Another way Wordwide can help your sales representatives is through the Wordprene interface. Wordprene has a number of interactive features that will allow your customers to make their minds easier to complete the entire sales process. Wordprene offers the capability of setting and controlling prices for the items your customers purchase and allows them to enter in credit card information. This feature alone could save your company thousands of dollars each year in profit simply by controlling the pricing of your products.

Finally, Wordwide can benefit your sales team by providing your employees with the tools necessary to communicate effectively. Wordwide is easy to learn and it provides the means for your sales representatives to send out multiple memos and sales offers at once. Because Wordwide supports Microsoft Office, there is no reason why your employees can’t use this powerful software to share work-related information and even document their discussions with fellow coworkers. This is much more efficient than sending out individual e-mails that contain unrelated information. If you don’t believe that Wordwide can improve the quality of your company’s communications, then you clearly haven’t heard lately. When it comes to using Wordwide, the sky is literally the limit.