The Role of Designers in Business Processes


The Role of Designers in Business Processes

A graphic design is a drawing or layout for the arrangement of an item, the arrangement of parts on an object or a system, the output or end product of this arrangement and/or the consequence of this arrangement or design in the form of a physical prototype, work or product. The word ‘design’ in design typically refers to the arrangement or layout of matter. The word ‘graphic’ design normally refers to the representation of things on paper, on fabric, on a screen, on a plate, etc. The word ‘photography’ usually refers to visual illustrations and printing technology. In the study of art, the term ‘graphic’ design usually refers to the work of artists other than architects.

Designing is an act of making things. Designing is the expression of desire in terms of a structure or a machine. Thus, the act of designing something is tantamount to making something. There are designers, graphic designers, product designers, and industrial designers. The job of designing involves thinking, deciding, and then taking action. In other words, designing is the creation of ideas or concepts through the use of technology.

Designing Creativity Gaining an understanding of this creative process will be beneficial to the design activity. Creativity refers to an unusual application of scientific principles and artistic expression to solve problems. Some of the creative geniuses such as Albert Einstein showed the world how to think scientifically and creatively. Other examples of innovative geniuses include Thomas Edison, Vincent van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, Alexander Smith, and Walt Disney.

Innovation Designing is also about innovation. Many businesses have identified this as one of the key ingredients to their success. Innovation refers to the coming up with new ways of doing things and making things better or different. The goal of coming up with innovative solutions for business processes and products or services is often referred to as innovation.

Business Processes Every business processes and operations have many similarities. However, there are also subtle differences that can impact a business process or a project from being successful to a failure. One example of this is the difference between graphic design and service design. A graphic designer usually specializes in providing artwork, whereas a service designer provides the service side of the business process.

Service designers on the other hand focus on the service and product aspect of the project. Both service and product designers can create logos, posters, brochures, advertisements, flyers, website, and other printed materials. They must consider a wide variety of design elements to bring out a rational model for their clients. This brings out the best form of their creative juices which is ultimately what a great designer should do.