Why We Read News

News is any news that was not known to be true before or recent news broadcasted over the television, radio, internet or in newspaper media. An excellent example of news would be a newly married couple announcing their marriage on a family gathering, as the camera catches them saying their vows. That news, however, is not real news because it was not known to be true before the gathering. It is considered as newsworthy only if the reader or the audience can make some logical sense of what is being said. But the news is not real unless it is entertaining. A perfect example would be a story about two teenage boys who drive a car in search of “puppy mills.”

They eventually end up in a small town where they witness the owner setting free puppies in a nearby park. The owner claims that he did not know that such a practice even existed. He immediately arrests the boys and locks them in his garage. The boys manage to escape after informing a few passersby and they tell the rest of the story to the local police. This is news worthy, but not newsworthy in the true sense of the word.

There are two major reasons why people read news. The first reason is to know what is going on in their personal lives. This happens when people check in with a family member or a friend who lives far away and want to relay their own piece of news. The other reason for reading news is to be informed about current affairs.

In today’s world, many people rely on television news and read newspapers to keep up with world events. Television news can be very graphic and it is not appropriate for all viewers. Some may find the pictures disturbing. But graphic news does serve a purpose. It allows us to know what is happening when we cannot be there to see it ourselves.

News reading is not limited to readers. Even non-readers can benefit from reading news. Many companies encourage their employees to keep up with current affairs. For instance, many companies give their employees’ vacation bonuses if they read a certain amount of news every year. Also, some companies post important news stories on the company website. In both cases, people who read about things they are interested in will be more likely to pass this information along to others.

Another reason people read news is to educate themselves. Some people cannot read much information and they need a medium to learn what they do not know. News helps fill in the blanks and to keep people informed. Without news, people would be at home doing nothing but eating popcorn and watching television instead of learning what is going on in their world.