Continuous Pull-ups, Handstand Push-ups – yeah right!


Seeing today’s WOD on the white board was a tad discouraging: pull-ups and handstand push-ups – both of which are very much out of reach at the moment!


I was able to do an assisted handstand push-up, which was pretty bloody cool – but when it came to the WOD itself, I opted at doing the dumbbell version instead. And obviously pull-ups are still far from my reach, so I did vertical pull-ups with rings instead.

All in all a great WOD and now I feel ready to face the day!

WOD (Ring pull-ups, handstand push-ups (dumbbells) ladder)

1 minute rounds of both, adding a rep each round for as long as you can do the reps within the time limit.

  • 1+1
  • 2+2
  • 3+3
  • 4+4
  • 5+5
  • 6+6
  • 7+7
  • 6+8
  • bust!

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