That damned box nearly killed me…


I had no idea box jumps were so hard!


I was surprised how hard the box jumps were after running. I was expecting them to be the easy part of the WOD. Little did I know! However, the push jerks were surprisingly easy – I should have opted for 17.5kg instead of 15kg.

In other news, the man has reached a state of muscle soreness where it takes him minutes to ascend/descend stairs.

The other night I must have turned in my sleep and placed my arm on his chest, which resulted in me waking up to his girlish squeal of pain and complaints.

The hilarity of poking his various muscles and observing reactions provides me with an endless source of entertainment.


3 rounds, for time of

  • 400m run
  • 30 box jumps (40cm box)
  • 15 Push+jerks (15kg)

Time: 15:01

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