First try at deadlifts


Yesterday we did deadlifts and it was the first session where I was able to lift my own body weight on a bar in any form. Felt great and can’t wait to have an opportunity to actually discover my PB when it comes to deadlifts.


In fact, somewhat surprisingly, it is the weightlifting part of things that I seem to be enjoying the most. Which is entirely unexpected. I haven’t quite worked out why, but for some reason it’s ridiculously rewarding.

I’m still working towards my first pull-up. Le sigh. I will get there one day… If I’m not getting stronger soon, plan B is to start losing weight so that if I can’t lift more, then at least there’s less to lift 😉 Seriously though, I think my biggest goal at the moment is to get that first darn chin up over the gawd damn bar!

Other than that, I’m getting more and more addicted by the day. I’m working towards 5 sessions a week, but the recovery between is still a bit challenging.

I seem to be building muscle quite well, even if it’s still a bit useless (damn you pull-ups!) and witnessed my second clothing casualty at around the two month mark: had to find an alternative way to wear my favourite blouse that no longer buttons up over the bicep.

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