I llama squats


Front squatting 80% of my body weight is not a bad result for a weakling me thinks!


I really like squats. They’re the one thing that I don’t feel like an absolute weakling at.

My legs are somewhat strong compared to my upper body and because I’m quite flexible, I’ve never had any issues doing squats. The movement feels good and I can feel it working at the very areas I most wish to firm up – Bring on a bum so tight it’s bouncing off the walls! 😉

The best thing about a full on weight lifting workout is that I always feel fantastic afterwards. I don’t know what happy hormones it makes my body produce, but that ever it is I’m loving it!

All in all an absolutely fantastic WOD and as a bonus I seem to be recovering from my flu and it wasn’t holding me back too badly either.

Oh, also: bruises are sexy(?), part 2 – front squat bar love.

WOD (front squats)

5 rounds of

  • 3 x front squat (40kg*)
  • 5 + 5 kettle bell squats (8kg)

(* new personal best: front squat 40kg)

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