Thai Cooking Booklet Giveaway

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Our favourite entry wins every Sunday until Christmas Day, when the last of the four booklets is given away.*


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These tiny booklets might not look like much, but they taught us everything we know about how to cook Thai food!

They are full of delicious authentic Thai recipes (some recipes start with “take 20 Thai chillies…”) that are very easy to follow and quick to prepare.

Please note: These books are NOT paleo cooking books, and most of the recipes contain ingredients that are not paleo-friendly. However, the recipes are very easy to tweak! Example? When making the spicy pork mince salad (larb moo) from Thai Spicy Salads booklet, replace the ground roasted rice with ground roasted almond!


Thai Curry Book

x 2

A lot of people have been asking how we whip up our delicious Thai curries… well, here’s how! All of our Thai curries are based on this tiny book. Fresh, hot, hot, flavoursome and drenched in coconut milk – just how we love it!

First one given away on Sunday 4 Dec (entries submitted 27 Nov – 04 Dec 2011)

Second one on Christmas Day 2011 (entries submitted 19-25 Dec 2011)

Thai Spicy Salads Book

Ideal for summer kitchen, these spicy and fresh Thai salads are sure to spark up any BBQ or picnic! Prepare as a side dish or serve as such, many of our kitchen’s staples are based on this very book!

Given away on Sunday 11 Dec 2011  (entries submitted 05-11 Dec 2011)

Thai Vegetables Dishes

Bored with the same old side dishes all the time? Why don’t you dress up your steak or chicken breast with Thai veggie side dishes?

Given away on 18 Dec 2011 (entries submitted 12-18 Dec 2011)

(*The fine print: This competition is open for Australia & New Zealand residents only. Prizes will be delivered via Australia Post and due to Christmas holidays, a delay is to be expected with the delivery of the fourth book to be given away.)

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