Health check – not quite as good as expected…

Well, turns out that I’ve got a few quite a significant deficiencies, despite the healthy diet we eat!

I went to see a GP, as I’ve been feeling exhausted lately and find that I’m really struggling with my energy levels, when I really shouldn’t be: after all, I eat a ridiculously healthy diet and sleep 8 hours every night. I had a battery of tests done, and while some of the results were expected, some were rather surprising…

First and foremost: I am iodine deficient. This is understandable, as we don’t eat any processed food or iodised table salt and the Australian soil is so deprived of trace minerals, that you practically get no iodine from meat and vegetables.

What blew me away was the fact that I’m iron deficient to a point that I’m nearing anaemia!! Me! I eat enough red meat to feed a small army! Yet there it was, black on white: my iron levels are very low.

Also, my vitamin D levels were very low, and my vitamin B levels were just within range, even though I take a daily complex vitamin B supplement.

Also, my cholesterol was slightly elevated. Nothing alarming, but enough to act upon to correct it before it becomes a problem.


Diet/lifestyle adjustments to follow:

  • Daily liquid iron supplement, taken with a glass of orange juice (vitamin C aids absorption)
  • Initially a daily trace minerals supplement (mainly for zinc and iodine) to be replaced with Tasmanian Kelp powder in a few week’s time.
  • Daily vitamin D supplement
  • Cutting down on fatty meats and trimming off visible fat (I’ll miss you bacon and lamb) in order to lower cholesterol


Other supplementation:

  • Continuance of daily complex vitamin B supplement
  • Continuance of daily probiotic supplement
  • Continuance of daily fish oil supplement


I’m going back in 3 month’s time to check how things are improving.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Interesting.

  2. Do you eat organ meats? I have been adding them into my diet and I feel better when I eat them. I have struggled with anaemia my whole life but they seem to help.


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