Recipe for Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Leek & Bacon

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts Leek and Bacon

This is a side delicious enough to convert the toughest of Brussels sprouts doubter!



brussels sprouts bacon and leek ingredientsIngredients:

  • 2-6 cloves of garlic, sliced thin
  • 1 Leek, sliced thin
  • 12-18 Brussels sprouts, cored, separated into leaves and washed
  • 3-4 long bacon rashers
  • Clarified butter/ghee/animal fat/coconut oil to cook with
  • Salt, black pepper and white pepper to taste



Crisp bacon rashers in the oven or under the grill.

While bacon is cooking, separate all Brussels sprouts into individual leaves by coring them. (This is a tad tedious, but trust me, it’ll be worth the trouble once the finished product is sitting next to a juicy steak on your plate!)

Once bacon is done, slice it into thin slices and set aside.

Heat up your fat of choice in a large pan to medium high heat. Sauté garlic in the pan until fragrant and add in leeks. Sauté leek until it starts going translucent and add in bacon. Stir for a couple of minutes and add in Brussels sprouts leaves.

Season with salt, black pepper and white pepper. Cook until Brussels sprouts are starting to soften a little and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Just don’t overcook until soggy.

Serve immediately, for example as a side for a juicy steak.



  1. when reading some of the blogs on paleo they say not to use dairy/butter, yet I see a lot of recipes with butter in them on various sites, can you clear it up for me coz I love butter

    • Clarified butter is a very good fat to cook with. Not only does it taste great, but it also handles heat very well, unless some of the other recommended oils/fats like coconut oil. A lot of reputable paleo resources recommend using clarified pastured organic butter. I guess the key here is the quality of the butter used and the keyword clarified.

      Dairy fat is a good, but regular butter isn’t just dairy fat, in fact, it’s only 80% fat and the rest is water and milk solids (proteins). Milk solids can be very problematic even in tiniest of amounts to people with gut permeability or sensitivity to dairy.

      Clarifying butter is a simple process of melting the butter at a low temperature separating the fat from the milk solids. Once milk solids are filtered out, what is left is healthy and delicious butterfat. And that is not only good for you to cook with, but oh-so-delicious!

      To read more on the topic (and anything/everything else you need to know about real food) we strongly recommend reading It Starts With Food by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig!

      • Hi Tanja how are you….I just had to let you know that I have been missing your regular emails etc and I have just read your wonderful news about your pregnancy I am over the moon for both you and your husband, I started to get a bit teary when reading all about it and your gluten free change, its just so nice for you both and I want to wish you all the love & happiness there is to give, you sound so happy and well and you must be feeling amazing, I bet your little boy is going to be so calm and happy too. You are an inspiration truly. Kind regards Julie xxx

  2. I tried this for dinner tonight- absolutely delicious! I’m not a big fan of the brussel sprouts generally, but this came together nicely. My 8 year old son loved it so much he suggested we serve it during the Holidays! Thanks for the great recipe~


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