More meal highlights from January 2014 Whole30

Recipes available online:

If you want to find the cookbooks used for these recipes, head to our paleo books page.




  1. So this is just a collection of pictures as an ad to spruik cookbooks is it? What a let-down.

    • I’m very sorry you feel that way Lyndsey.

      We have been getting very good feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for posting all our Whole30 meals as food inspiration and just wanted to sync that content on to the website too.

      There are some fantastic paleo authors out there and hell yes we want to advocate their hard work! We’re not just pushing random paleo merchandise, we’re recommending the very resources we use ourselves every day – as you can see from the meal photos.

      Sharing resources and recommending books, tools, providers, etc is a big part of what Paleo Australia is about – there is so much crap out there that it’s difficult to know what is worth getting, which is what we’re offering help in.

      If you buy the books through us on our recommendation, we get a few cents from Amazon as an affiliate reward – which goes towards paying our server fees. We’re not making money with Paleo Australia, this is just a pure goodwill project to spread the word and advocate a lifestyle we think could help many people out there.

      Paleo saved my life and I wish I can pay it forward by helping someone else.


      • Apologies Tanja — I was trying to find an Aussie site that regularly posted recipes on the Web. I guess I’ll have to go back to Mark’s Daily apple and other US sites.

        • We don’t unfortunately have the resources to produce and publish recipes regularly, however, if you like us on Facebook, we do share recipes we come across as FB posts all the time.

          Like you said: Mark’s Daily Apple, Nom Nom Paleo, Against All Grain, PaleOMG and The Clothes Make The Girl are great US recipe resources.

          In terms of Australian ones, I find The Healthy Chef often posts paleo recipes (though not all her recipes are paleo, she seems to offer advice on how to make them paleo) and Eat Drink Paleo is another good source of recipes.

          We find that Australian sources quite often are not strict paleo, so we end up preferring the US sites.



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