CrossFit nutrition: Pre & post WOD protein smoothie


It can be challenging to find enough time to whip up a proper protein filled breakfast before an early CrossFit session. I’ve discovered that protein smoothies make those early mornings just that little bit easier.


I’ve been looking for a protein supplement that is not filled with sugars or artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives. I realise that protein supplements are still outside what is considered paleo, but the current brand I’m using seems to be a good compromise between health and results as it’s all natural ingredients and no nasties.

As a bonus it’s very yummy and doesn’t upset my very sensitive stomach.



Blend all ingredients until smooth and drink 30-60 minutes before workout.

Post workout:

Blend all ingredients until smooth and drink 45 minutes after workout.


  1. Is this 1 serving?

    • Yes, this recipe makes a smoothie for 1.


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